The NeuroMentor Institute® for Peak Performance presents a four-part series


The Neuroscience of Optimum Performance Under Pressure

Presented by David Krueger MD


Do you have any of these challenges to:

  • Sustain focus and state of mind despite emotional triggers?
  • Operate with confidence in personal and professional engagements?
  • Manage performance anxiety?
  • Avoid success completion issues?
  • Have pressure management tools for performing under pressure?
  • Play to win vs. play to not lose?

A significant challenge is to regulate states of mind through various emotional triggers and high-pressure situations to achieve and sustain peak performance.  Just as a gap in performance has more to do with mindset than intelligence, the state of mind of confidence correlates with success more than competence and expertise.


In this 4-part Teleseminar Series you will learn:

  • Strategies to master stress, develop resilience, and optimize performance
  • An established system to consistently perform under pressure
  • Success methods for deliberate practice and performance expertise
  • A self-regulation management system that pro athletes and actors use
  • Proven pressure-management tools for performance anxiety
  • Understand and overcome performance related biases that create glass ceilings
  • 26 practical distinctions between experts and amateurs

The four one-hour Teleseminars recorded and available for playback and download:

Seminar 1:  Stress Mastery Strategies and Tools
Seminar 2:  The Neuroscience of Peak Performance
Seminar 3:  Peak Performance Under Pressure
Seminar 4:  Extreme Success Challenges

Two proven systems of stress mastery for optimum performance will be included: 

  • Neural Conditioning Chart for emotional triggers to rewire ideal responses for peak performance
  • ROADMAP System® for stress mastery and performing under pressure

A NeuroMentor® Institute for Peak Performance Presentation by David Krueger MD

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