The NeuroMentor Institute® for Peak Performance

Presents a Webinar Series on

The Neuroscience of Optimum Performance Under Pressure

Do you have any of these challenges to:

  • Sustain focus and state of mind despite emotional triggers?
  • Operate with confidence in personal and professional engagements?
  • Manage performance anxiety?
  • Avoid success completion issues?
  • Have pressure management tools for performing under pressure?
  • Play to win vs. play to not lose?

A significant challenge is to regulate states of mind through various emotional triggers and high-pressure situations to achieve and sustain peak performance.  Just as a gap in performance has more to do with mindset than intelligence, the state of mind of confidence correlates with success more than competence and expertise.

In this 4-part Webinar Series you will learn:

  • Strategies to master stress, develop resilience, and optimize performance
  • An established system to consistently perform under pressure
  • Success methods for deliberate practice and performance expertise
  • A self-regulation management system that pro athletes and actors use
  • Proven pressure-management tools for performance anxiety
  • Understand and overcome performance related biases that create glass ceilings
  • 26 practical distinctions between experts and amateurs

Four Webinars available for playback and permanent download: 

Seminar 1:  Stress Mastery Strategies and Tools
Seminar 2:  The Neuroscience of Peak Performance
Seminar 3:  Peak Performance Under Pressure
Seminar 4:  Extreme Success Challenges

Two proven systems of stress mastery for optimum performance will be included: 

  • Neural Conditioning Program to Rewire Emotional Triggers
  • ROADMAP System® for Stress Mastery and Performing Under Pressure

Includes Outline + Resource Guide and Exercises

$77 for all Webinars, Outline, Resource Guide and Exercises


After you have had had time to listen to the four webinars, and review the exercises and material in the Resource Guide, I’d like to do a live one hour Teleseminar with all of you who have subscribed to further discuss, apply, and answer questions.  I look forward to this discussion and collaboration with each of you.  There is no additional charge, and this should be an interesting discussion group of colleagues.